Microwave Heat Pad Medium


Medium Heat pad 30x12cm


Microwave Heat pad
Hot or cold healing pads, Filled with Volcanic Sand

There are 3 sizes

Microwave heat Pad Medium is a natural hot/cold pad filled with Volcanic sand and made up in sections so the sand is evenly spaced no matter which size Microwave heat pad medium you chose so it molds to your body perfectly with a comfortable weight and of course you don’t get that musty/yeasty smell that food filled heat pads develop over time. These are unscented but you can add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils to the fabric After it has been warmed up
The cover is made from O-Tex-certified cotton and can be removed to be washed. It can be heated in a microwave, or placed in a freezer bag and cooled in the freezer to be used like an ice pack. Because it is 100% cotton it can also be warmed in an oven or even an air fryer. It doesn’t require power so can be taken anywhere. These pads can be enjoyed for relaxation and stress relief or can be used to aid in easing pain and inflammation from injuries and fibromyalgia It is great for neck and shoulder pain, back pain, earaches, joint pain, nerve pain, period pain, arthritis, migraines, headaches, muscle pain and a great aid to help you fall asleep, and warming hands and feet. It can warm the body in winter, or cool the body on hot summer nights and is great to keep you warm on the commute to work in the winter.

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