Ex-large wrap in a Batik


Extra Large wrap at 50 x 50 cm



This Ex-large wrap in a Batik design Beeswax Wrap is 50x50cm and perfect for wrapping up your fresh bread be it sourdough from the local bakery or supermarket or homemade and keeping it fresh for an extra couple of days before its toast. Once the bread is finished just wipe the Ex-large wrap in a batik design down or feed the crumbs to the birds and reuse it over and over again. The size is also great for covering large bowls or trays of food to keep anything unwanted out and because it’s made simply with Beeswax, Rosin, and oil you know it’s naturally antibacterial and great for keeping the food fresh, just make sure the food is cold before wrapping or covering.

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Bee, Strawberry, Owl, daisy


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