Mint Bees 35x35cm
Pale blue bee 27x30cm
Blue/green batik flowers 25×25 cm
Round 20cm

The large size 35 x 35cm is perfect for wrapping half a french stick, covering over a  lasange or pie dish and a couple of rounds of sandwiches

The medium  27 x 30cm Is the perfect size lunch wrap, great for a round of sandwiches or couple of rolls. Brilliant for wrapping up grapes, cherries, trail mix other small fruit.

The small 25 x 25 cm  This wrap is made for cheese, also great for a kids lunch boxes as it wraps a single sandwich or wrap and great for their  fruit.

The 20 cm  round can be used for covering bowls, wrapping open fruit.

These are just examples of what you can use your wraps for, as long as its not raw meat or fish the list is endless.

Things to love about Beewrap is the great colours so you can colour coordinate with your lifestyle and fun colours for your picnics. Who says doing your bit for the environment has to be boring.