Bee Collection


A collection of 4 wraps in our ever-popular Bee designs in various sizes
1 35x35cm
2 30x27cm
1 25x25cm


The environment is very important to us! Our wraps are 100% Natural & Zero Waste made sustainably to be kind to our planet.
Made with Cotton, Beeswax, pine rosin, and Jojoba oil.
Self-sealing wraps perfect for covering sandwiches, fruit, cheese, or anything else where you would normally use plastic. The natural antibacterial and antifungal properties in the wax & rosin will help to keep your food fresh and allow repeated usage.
• To clean, Simply wash with cool soapy water and hang to dry.
• Refresh every few months: Lay on baking paper in 100C/225F oven for no more than 2 minutes, carefully pick up at the corners, it will cool in seconds and be ready for use.
• Wraps should last for approximately 9-12 months. You can then rewax or compost them or use them as fire starters.
• Do not use for wrapping raw meat and fish!
• Keep away from heat sources


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